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Our values ​​:
- Happiness:
We created this company because we wish happiness to our customers, whether the time of preparation, as time on the event itself and after. We know from experience, how much this single day of happiness can be stressful and source of conflict, and more especially after months of an unique intensity to be sure that this moment will stay printed in memory. Moreover, it's always hard to organize alone a Destination wedding... We decided to take care of this side of the event, and your part of job it's just to let us know who you are and take care of yourself to just enjoy the moment!
- Authenticity :
During our travels we always make a major priority to fell the sense of something between authenticity and folklore. We are really aware as what this unique and strong link of tradition offer individualy and that it's for that we bilieve of the major priority of the preservation, backup and generation to generation learning to stay and reapprove this connection between the earth and human.
- The fair price:
We know that this experience will be and must to be a ones a life moment, the marriage, but also the discovery of Polynesia.
That's for that we do not want to deprive you of this discovery for lack of resources. So we decided to work only with local service providers, we have carefully selected for their seriousness, their attachment to the Polynesian culture and talents. Each service provider will recieve the entire fruit of there labor.

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Festive Tropical Wedding by Wedding Polynesia
Festive Tropical Wedding by Wedding Polynesia

The bride's coming from Santa Barbara to get married in Moorea with 8 guests, her daughter and her fiancé. In frist, she had the idea to get married in a hotel but when she contact me for photos of the wedding and after few exchange, I realize getting married on a hotel was not a good idea for her! She already rent a private home so her idea was to go to a resort for the wedding only but she loves make party and have fun!