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Due to our long time experience and having the biggest wedding team in Armenia we know that each wedding is unique and should be organized on the basis of couple’s dreams for that day, which requires time, attention to details and, of course, good supervision. This is why Wedding Armenia is here to coordinate the planning process taking away all the stress and inconvenience.

We are ready to guide you on every step of your wedding planning and realization, starting with the ceremony type choosing till the very end of the event. Depending on your taste and imagination, Wedding Armenia can organize your wedding both in one of the bellow listed themes or in the one you will suggest yourself.

On your big day our planner will be present to manage the whole preparation process, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. This includes also accompanying you, being ready to assist you every moment and everywhere.

We are available anytime by email, phone or direct meetings, so you can easily experience our professionalism and devotion to the work.

Our team is looking forward to working with you and planning your Dream Wedding!!!

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Big promises and words but in reality no attention to detail and no supervision! We had to double check every aspect of the wedding while that had to be their job! This led to last minute stress! The services described were not even close to what the reality was! In the end we had a wonderful wedding but it was not because of them! Very bad experience!!! Don't trust your big day to them!

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Meet a Wedding Planner in Yerevan, Armenia: Wedding Armenia
Meet a Wedding Planner in Yerevan, Armenia: Wedding Armenia

Though it is hard for the person to talk about himself but I will try to say the main characteristic features I have. I am energetic, perfectionist, I love when everything is in order and I try to arrange things accordingly, Everything should be in its folder. Thoughts of creating Wedding Armenia came to me about 10 years ago, when there was no one doing such a job in our market.