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I've spent 11 years working in coroporate america and have learned the art of managing projects on time and under budget, prioritizing (even when everything is a priority) and the importance of having relationships (vendor relationships are essential!). I've also learned that the ability to call in a favor or two...or sometimes twelve, to get the mission accomplished is invaluable.

​How does that help me As an event planner? These skills have sharpened my understanding of how to run a project and get the job done effeciently and effectively with the client in mind.

How does that help you? Besides someone who absolutely loves weddings, bridal showers, bridal gowns, shoes, makeup and hair, and shoes (did I already mention that one? lol), you're getting someone who knows how to stay on track (and keep you on track) and who can help you make clear and concise decisions. You're getting someone who is kind, can see the big picture (and small details) and is also super resourceful!

A weddding planner should be someone who is personalable (thats me!) and someone who you get along with because she's ultimately an extension of you!

​I LOVE love and weddings and I love working with people, so wedding planning and coordinating is an amazing fit for me and my company. It makes me smile to see the bride and groom smile as they walk hand in hand one step at a time on a journey where one of their happiest memories is being created right before their eyes. It is my goal to ensure that you have the wedding you've always envisioned one detail at a time.

​In me, you're getting Integrity, Honesty and Transparency - these are things that I value and I bring that to the table with everything that I do. I'm a girl who is willing to work hard for you.

Need help planning the day of your dreams? Connect with me today.

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