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Hope you like to be stress free, stay under budget and have the wedding of your dreams and more because that's what you'll get.

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T.A.J.'s Services is an event and wedding planning service founded by Farshiya Felix.  The company is growing each and everyday and to everyone's surprise she manages it very well.  She has been in the hospitality industry starting at a very young age and it is her passion and calling.  One thing she enjoys is putting a huge smile on her clients faces.  
T.A.J.'s Services has become known for it's personal touch and larger-than-life theme weddings and events that transport participants away from their everyday lives.  We have a big heart and will help out any bride in need of help even if the budget is as small as $5,000.  We want all brides to have a chance of happiness and a stress free day.  We know it's hard when you have your work, and home life to balance and possibly even the lives of your children to balance but then throwing in trying to plan a wedding, O.M.G.  What can you do, as if you weren't stressed out enough already.  We can handle it and will direct you towards the best package that fits you.  We want to help you from start to finish.  We have so much to offer you that you will be so happy with the finished results.

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Not reliable it happened! This is a side business for this owner, lacking in simple organizational and management skills needed to be an event planner. Maybe use this business for a backyard or an extremely low key event only. This business is ill equipped to handle a Bride and Grooms’ needs on their ”Special day”. They will leave you stressed, event planning and coordinating your very own event in the end! This business is a very good example of we can do, and have done it all to get your business, when in essence they truly lack the professionalism and organizational skills needed to properly plan an event. This companies biography lists it is growing every day, please review the owners track record of events, it speaks for itself, as none listed or shown of beautiful lavish events or as stated by the owner “ larger-than-life theme weddings and events that transport participants away from their everyday lives”.  Research for a business reputable in wedding and event planning and not a side business.

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