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At Swoon Soiree we believe that every single detail should fit the couple, be original, and be personal. I want your guests to witness something special, something that can’t be recreated. You should love your wedding day, be a guest at your own event, and have moments that will be talked about for years to come. I would love for your family to be able to enjoy the day and spend time with your guests. I am an enthusiastic supporter of The Modern Union. Whatever that means to you. That may mean you are an LGBT couple. That may mean you have a pop up wedding, or an elopement. It may mean you arrive on a yacht and sail off into the sunset. Or maybe it means you have a very traditional wedding, or are merging cultures. I want you and your significant other to be able to take a moment, look around, and say that your wedding day was everything you had hoped for and more.

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