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A simple wedding day can be classic, modern, elegant, rustic, traditional, off beat, or anything in between. Every style and preference can be boiled down to its true essence, and that’s where Simple Day excels. Your wedding planner will help you create a day that’s been edited and refined to keep the focus on what it’s all about: celebrating your unique love. That’s what a Simple Day is for us, and what we want it to be for you, too!

We’re here to help you make thoughtful decisions efficiently. We’ll pull you back from the rabbit hole of invitation wording and seating charts. Whether you have two years to plan your perfect intimate ceremony, or two weeks to pull together a pop up wedding, Simple Day can help you create a memorable day full of joy and romance. We want to remind your guests about every beautiful memory that brought you all together in this moment. Trust us to help you put together not just a party, but a celebration worthy of your love.

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