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WANT to get married in Sicily ?
the island's most beautiful Italian?
You want a wedding as the VIPs and exclusive locations?
Sicily luxury events will help you achieve your desire
My, a long intense career path, creative and varied.
I worked mainly hotel management, specialized in contract management, advertising and hotel promotion.
A few years ago I decided that my experience, together with the passion for my land, for the beauty and my great capacity
organization, could be the trump cards to establish myself in a still little known in Italy industry, the Wedding Planner.
I love weddings because I find that, on that day there are at least two people on earth who are really happy and deserve
nothing and nesseno remove them those moments of joy, and you can see in the face customer the joy of a job well done.
From small daily needs of the most amazing things I can you imagine, in this spirit is born a society Sicily Luxury Events
young , that works to go beyond all expectations customer.
The customer assumes because we want a marriage that stands from others.
Our clients are busy professionals and Foreigners
who depend on us to plan their wedding without
Our team consists of engineers, architects, flower
design, wedding dress designers and wedding cake design with
the help of international partners will realize projects
Detailed Directory to our customer even a thousand miles away can
see and imagine the smallest dettaglidi as will their
Marriage, respecting their culture and their traditions

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