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At Safira every event is special. We aim to create lasting memories no matter what the occasion, and our attention to detail assures the quality and professionalism you expect from a full-service event planner. Whether it's a large gala, themed-birthday party, or intimate wedding with your closest friends and family, we have the experience and resources to bring your vision to life.

Resources to get the job done… We believe in nurturing strong relationships with our clients and vendors and have spent years building a solid network of professionals from all over the Tri-State area who will cater to your every need. From unique venues (think mansions, yachts, castles, beach properties) to photographers, florists, interior designers, chefs….as a team we can easily pull together any size event for you. Our rolodex is at your disposal; just ask us today about the right professional for your event.

Details...Details...Details! We are sticklers about getting it right. Our team of designers and coordinators work seamlessly on every aspect of your event and break it down into minute-by-minute morsels so that no detail is overlooked. Every nuiance is lovingly poured over until your dream is reality. So you can relax and let go...we've got you covered! It truly is exciting to watch the story of your celebration unfold and know that every little detail was given our tender loving care.

Beauty...Every event is beautiful in our eyes; whether it be a wedding, birthday party, anniversary celebration, or gala soiree. We define beauty as something that is given life for you to enjoy. At Safira, we create beauty so that you can celebrate in style.

Congratulations on your special day! Feel free to give us a call (or fill out our contact form below) whenever you're ready to chat about your event details. We look forward to meeting you and helping you celebrate all that is special in your life.

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