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Rose Gold Events is a boutique wedding planning company based in Northern California serving the Bay Area, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

No matter if your wedding is a small intimate affair, a grand party for hundreds, or anything in between - we have the knowledge and skills to help you bring it to life. We know you probably haven't planned a wedding before, and we know it can be a daunting task, but we believe firmly that the planning and the party can be enjoyable, low stress, and super fun! We are here to make wedding planning more manageable. We are here to make your wedding day easier. We are here, for you.

We will simplify the process. We will guide you through the steps. We will remind you that it's okay if your envelope liners don't match your napkins (or hell, it's okay if you don't have envelope liners at all). We are here to talk you through the moment when your mom demands a five course meal, or the moment you realize your venue could get rained out. We're here for it all. Rose Gold Events will be the voice of reason, the guiding light, and the badass planner/coordinator who makes it all come together!

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We hired Alyssa of Rose Gold Events about 1 year in advance for month-of coordination for our June 2016 wedding. She came highly recommended and so we didn't think twice about hiring her. She seemed capable, and on the same page as us regarding the vision for our wedding.

Come January 2016 and she completely stopped answering our emails and phone calls. We had to hire another coordinator just a couple months out from our wedding.

It's now almost July and after continued emails and phone calls, she still has not answered a single one, and definitely not refunded the initial retainer fee of over $700.

This is her first year taking a full load of clients, and my guess is that she over-booked herself, which I can understand. But not even acknowledging that she did literally zero work for us, not answering a single phone call or email with an "I'm so sorry, here's your deposit back" is completely unprofessional, unacceptable. Too bad you can't give negative stars.

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