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I’ma Wedding Planner based in Turin (Italy) and I love working with foreign spouses which would like to get married in beautiful Italian landscapes. I’m very excited when I work with the most romantic couples. I love make them feel happy. I get lost in their loving looks. I act as if each wedding is unique.

You’re dreaming to plan your wedding day in Italy. You’re crazy of Italian landscapes. You really want an Italian menù for your reception. You love Italian wine. Italy has a sentimental value in your memories and you’d really like to celebrate this day in this country. But you live abroad and make your wish true is hard. And this is the reason why I can help you.
My main task consists of being the intermediary between you and each vendor needed. I can help you to find the venue you’ve always dreamed. I deal with Italian burocracy, contracts with vendors, guests’ arrangement and each appointment. I’ll make sure that everything is as we planned and I’ll coordinate every aspects and each person involved in your wedding.

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