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Orange & Rice is wedding planner Sicily. We specialize in marriage in Taormina, Syracuse and Catania

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Orange & Rice effectively spoiled my daughters wedding day. There are no minus stars on your survey to convey the dishonest and despicable way we were treated by this wedding planner. From the lack of professional services she introduced us to, to the completely wrong music at the wedding even though the list was given to her and printed on the order of service, to taking of money for the photographer which he never received, to her sitting chatting at the reception and not noticing (and presumably not caring) that the wedding cake was not being cut or served and it was only when I asked where the wedding cake was, was it brought out by the Castello staff, to the dancing which didn't occur because she hadn't instructed the DJ, to the letdown in transportation, to the lies told about the making/delivery of the cake and dolce, to the lies she told about the financial arrangements for the wedding venue, to the cash paid to her for services for which she would not give receipts, to the menu translations straight out of Google (too lazy to do a proper translation), to the wrong/conflicting legal documentation requirements for the marriage and much, much more. I could write a book on all that went wrong. We asked for recommendations on venues, she gave one which turned out to be connected with a relative of hers. We had to research the venues from Australia and we had to give her a list of places we wanted to see! As with all services, there was a choice of one, one florist, one makeup artist, one hairdresser. Three days out from the wedding we were without a hairdresser or makeup artist because the hairdresser she engaged had no idea of how to curl straight hair suggesting the bride's hair be put in rags the night before the wedding (must be the only place on earth that does not have hot rollers) and the makeup artist - well the bride and bridesmaid came from there looking like ladies from the red light district and we certainly couldn't use her. After that, we were on our own and we were left to find our own hairdresser and makeup artist with only three days to go. She could not suggest an alternative, just as she didn't know any dressmakers in Catania when we had a problem with the bridesmaid's dress. We realised on our arrival six weeks ahead of the wedding there were problems; then she announced she was being married and would be in South Africa on her honeymoon and would not be back until three days before the wedding but her partner, Italian speaking only, would look after us. Had we known that prior to our arrival in Sicily, we would have used the six weeks to ensure the services we needed were in place. The reason we choose her was because she was English speaking and gave us her assurance she would be there to help with all arrangements prior to the wedding. She did not do what she was contracted to do and fully paid for. The suppliers she recommended, with the exception of the photographer, were definitely substandard. We would have discharged her then but we were afraid she would do something to ruin the wedding. We shouldn't have been so timid, she ruined it anyway. Orange & Rice is a complete disaster but if you want to totally ruin a wedding, these are the people to call. They can certainly do a excellent job at that.
Robin Kay-Riley
Sydney, Australia.

Do not hire these people if you want your wedding to go well! Being Australian, I hired an English speaking wedding planner for a reason - to help me be able to communicate and to help plan my wedding. This wedding planner seems to think that passing your menu through google translate (Which I can do without having to wait for 3 days) is fine, and she went off on her honeymoon (only told me she was going at the beginning of August when I arrived in Sicily) and left us with an Italian only speaking wedding planner! I was told specifically by them in February I needed to get an Atto Notorio from the Italian Embassy in Sydney, and when I encountered problems obtaining that appointment in June, on speaking to her I was informed that the commune di Catania does not actually require that! The Law in Catania has not changed since forever, so I wonder where the first part of the information came from? Never got a straight answer on why they told me and wrote it down in February that I needed it. The hair and makeup people were something else…. I was not able to have a proof for hair and makeup earlier than September 10 because a) they both were on holidays and b) Roberta was not in the country and how was I going to explain how I wanted my hair and veil? The hairdresser was a total joke - when I said I wanted curls she said it was not possible (I have straight hair, but somehow in Sydney they can make it curly), and if I really wanted curls she would have to come the night before the wedding and put my hair in rags. I would have expected that from an untrained person - not from a professional hairdresser. When I had a problem with my Bridesmaid's dress I asked if she knew of any good dressmakers in Catania - she didn't know of any, and on the day of my wedding when I arrived at Castello San Marco the pressure from her for money was unbelievable! Perfectly acceptable too to get wong the song you walk down the aisle to. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!

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