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Inspired by our own wedding we found our passion for visual storytelling.
About us

2 people, 2 different continents, 2 different lives and one love.

Davon and Tatiana met in November 2012 unexpectedly on Facebook and fell in love.

He, a professional Graphic Designer and Photographer living in Los Angeles and her, a Management Assistant and hobby photographer living in Germany.

After they finally met in January 2013 they knew it was meant to be and got married only 5 months later in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

One passion they intensively share is photography. Even before they met and found out about their love for pictures they separately indulged into their passion.

In 2005 Davon started working as a Graphic Designer. He discovered that not only he enjoyed editing pictures but also taking them. Starting off with taking all kinds off pictures it turned out that he had an eye for astatic, lightning and structure. Soon he began selling his work online and reached a great audience.
While still working as a full-time Graphic Designer he went further into photography in 2007 and started the photography business “Moses Creative Photography”. Having the perfect premises living in Los Angeles he took advantage and took every job that passed his way. He perfected his abilities and techniques to the point where he quit his full-time position in 2010 and became a full-time photographer.

After marrying the love of his life he found his destiny in “wedding photography”. Davon and Tati decided to become a husband and wife photography team and they love it.

Our Approach

Inspired by our own wedding we found our passion for visual storytelling. We work out of our home studio near Los Angeles and travel near and far to capture extraordinary stories of couples in love. Knowing the enormous amount of effort that goes into planning one of the most memorable days of a lifetime we feel honored and privileged to provide you with the one lasting visual memory of your wedding day.

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