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We are a boutique full service event production and design company focusing on creating lasting memories through the art of celebrating

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Hi there! So you’re looking to have an event, great! It's what I do. But you knew that, so instead I’d like to tell you why it has been my lifelong passion and my career for the last ten years.

I learned early throughout my childhood that celebrations are not only about esthetics and budgets. They are also about heart and the stories they tell. An amazingly designed event or space can be just that for a night or a few days…or the 24hrs after someone posts an Instagram story. But what we all want is an experience that lasts beyond that.

An event with heart and uniqueness becomes a powerful memory. This is as true for social and lifestyle events as it is for brands and corporations. The more meaning you give to your event, the more your guests will relate to it on a deeper level. This is what makes your event more then just “that thing they went to”. It is also what keeps our corporate clients’ audience engaged with their brand message when they attend their events. Being able to connect and relate with your guests is what makes an event worth having.

I founded Lia Lara Events to spread the forgotten ideology of designing carefully crafted memories vs just producing volume. We are a boutique full service event company focusing on creating lasting memories through the art of celebrating. I chose a boutique approach to be able to limit the number of full-service clients I take a year. This allows me to really invest myself in the events we produce, rather then just go through the logistical motions. I strongly believe in taking the time to get to know you or understand your brand identity and the story behind your celebration - What is the memory you are trying to create? What message are you trying to send your guests home with? What will they remember when they think about this day? In taking this approach, we create a planning experience that is truly a collaboration between us and the client - a happy marriage between logistics, design and the heart behind your celebration.

I look forward to celebrating with you!
Cecilia Lara | Founder & Event Producer

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