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Spectacular celebrations from simple parties to big, extravagant weddings and everything in between. From meetings to mitzvahs the team at Li Halpern Events can create your meaningful and memorable event. After years of corporate marketing and event work, our business has gotten personal. Full-service event production company now serving corporate and personal events too!

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Li Halpern - The Wedding Planner/ Event Coordinator-

Did a outstanding job for my daughters wedding at the downtown club in Philadelphia on August 15th 2015. Two hundred and thirty-five guests.

To be perfectly honest when my daughter suggested hiring a wedding planner/coordinator I did not think this was necessary and an added expense we did not need, I/we could do this ourselves.. I could not be more wrong. Li Halpern did an incredibly exceptional job ! I had no idea, going in to this, how difficult planning an event this important with all the details involved would be, but Li Halpern did know and then some.

Not only was Li Halpern incredibly professional and knowledgeable as a coordinator but, with out doubt, a necessary asset in planning such an event. She knew all the best venues, caterers, florists, designers, printers, and many other vendors involved. She was able to make the deals with these vendors, that I could never of done, which saved us hundreds if not thousands.

At this point , please let me explain to all of you newly parents of engaged children and to the future brides and grooms to be, what you don't see coming is all the family issues involved. Who is sitting with who? Uncle so and so does not like Aunt so and so ! Where are we going to put the priest or rabbi at the reception and do we invite them to the rehearsal dinner too? Where do guests park if they are coming in early or late? One of the brides maids is mad about this - one of the ushers is mad about that! Does every family member have a hotel guest bag?!!!!! How does the hotel know that they are a guest at our wedding!!!!!!!! And that's just the beginning!

Li Halpern, in her diplomatically way, handled this all too ! Let alone all the other things you forgot that Li did not. I don't know how she did it all, but very thankful that she was there to do so because, at the end of the day, every one of my guests at my daughters engagement party, shower and wedding all made a point to tell me, how perfect the event was in every detail, how fabulous her wedding was, and it was. I would of loved to have taken the credit for all of this but I can not, for it was Li Halpern the wedding planner that made sure every i was dotted and every t crossed.

More importantly, and much most importantly, I would like to thank Li Halpern for producing such a wonderful, over the top wedding event for my daughter, and because of her I was able to enjoy my daughters wedding from beginning to end. I did not miss a single moment of my daughters wedding day, I was able to forgo worrying about the band, venue, vendors being on time, organizing the line up of events, the details, issues, the flow of the event, heck she was even right behind me in my Mother of the Bride speech, prepping me and supporting me! And let me tell you how nice it was at the end of the wedding event, Li Halpern was there to clean up all those end of the night final details for us .

Ironic, that in the beginning of all this, I thought a wedding planner was not necessary, but clearly I can now state that this is the most important decision above all that you will have to make in planning your daughters/sons wedding or any event. Hirring Li Halpern as a wedding planner is not a corner that should be cut - ! In the long run you will save money and in the end I would clearly state that it is, with out a doubt, the most important aspect of the wedding event your planning . Let the professional handle this, you will not be sorry .

Other friends and relatives in our family have hired wedding planners and in speaking to all of them it is clear that Li Halpern went above and beyond them all. Li Halpern has incredible organization skills, contacts, and the ability to see the vision of what you and your daughter want no matter if it is small or large and she produces it better than you thought it would ever be. Li Halpern is a must!! Well done Li, thank you Li Halpern!

So let me start with saying this review is well over due! When I first spoke to Li, my then fiancé and I were mainly interested in hiring a “day of wedding coordinator.” By the end of the initial conversation, I begged Li to pretty much handle everything. Li delivered in spades, all while insuring there was always a cocktail in my hand to keep me calm.
Stereotypically everyone wants his or her wedding to be “different” and “special.“ However, they typically all end up the same. From the inception we genuinely wanted to have fun and be unique. I told Li to blow away our guests. But the recipe for the evening needs to incorporate a conservative ceremony, wild/fun cocktail, followed by an outrageous reception fusing a 1920’vibe (without being too cliché “Gatsby”). The most intricate component was turning the cocktail hour into an out-and-out speakeasy, that required many components, such as furniture rental, flappers, a Champaign tower, a photographer with vintage camera (apparently finding the film and bulbs from the 1920’s is a nightmare, but Li got them), along with 20’s themed décor, food, candy and cocktails. Additionally, we had 3 separate music groups/bands, a 24 person bridal party, and large rehearsal dinner. Why I thought for a minute that my fiancé and I could handle all this ourselves while working demanding and stressful jobs, is comical! I can’t even take personal calls at work, so how was I going to regularly connect with to 20+ vendors we hired? Li also successfully helped us blend our Jewish and Catholic traditions for the ceremony to make it perfect for us, while pleasing our families.
There were days I would take a 5-minute break to check my personal email while at work, and my inbox would be filled with over 20 emails containing questions regarding complex wedding decisions. Before I got the slightest bit overwhelmed, I would see that Li responded to all of them. Throughout the entire process she conducted tons of research, made great suggestions, helped me cut costs, and most of all was patient with me when I was stubborn about certain details (even if I was wrong). I had a great (one might say crazy) idea to display a 10 foot place card stand with over 200 individual silver skeleton key bottle openers adorned with beading and personalized charms. I didn’t foresee it would take about 80 man-hours to complete. I went over to Li’s house the first night and we worked on it together, although Li ended up just orchestrating and completing it (not complaining once that it took over her dining room table for a month)!
Words cannot express how appreciative I am for everything she did for us. She not only was an incredible planner, but occasional played my therapist, and most importantly became a great friend in the process:) I can’t wait to use her again for a party in the future!

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