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events, outside-of-the-box. We partner with clients and vendors of every ilk to yield bold, unexpected and exciting events.

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Founded on the principles of creativity, innovation, collaboration and whimsy, we love coming up with new and delightful ways to create memorable experiences, because we know great things happen when people come together. No matter how big or small the event, our gift is in making the planning process enjoyable for you. We partner with companies or couples, non-profits or for-profits, in or out of town celebrations, specializing in event management. Think of us as your designer, solution finder, logistics master, confidence builder and joy-bringer. K.A. Creates is your go-to girl who makes everything come together.

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This is where KA shines. And that is an understatement. As a consultant and coordinator, she sees details and needs that the average eye would miss. One example- For our wedding we had drapery framing one of the rooms and the men setting it up were clueless. All I kept thinking was how bad it looked and how disappointed I was. KA walked into the room and literally fixed it within a few minutes. I think she even taught the people setting it up a thing or two! I could add 10 other things from tables to flowers, to the food set up, to greeting the guests, etc. When you go to an event you never realize all the little details that go into making it run smoothly and feel flawless. With KA, you don't ever have to worry about it!
Having her consult and coordinate is the difference between having an B event or an A event!

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