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Since childhood, a girl has dreamt and envisioned her perfect wedding. For most of us, getting married is a first time affair. Sure, your friends & family members have got married and you helped a little, here & there. But when it comes to your own wedding, we know the pressure of getting it all done to perfection.

You are thinking; venue, caterers, invitation cards, flowers, music, dates, ministers / priests & a whole lot of other things. In all this confusion & decision making process you would have forgotten the one most important thing, which is your ‘Fantasy Theme’.

We at Event Studio, get into your dreams, concur with your desires and add a touch of experience & professionalism to make your wedding day ‘THE DAY‘ you've been dreaming of. Each wedding is as unique as the couples themselves. It’s your moment & we would personally like to see it happen for you, right from the Invitations to the Wedding Day to the Honeymoon Suite.

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