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At DAVIS ROW we love weddings! Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner, through and through. It is completely possible to make your wedding feel elegant, sophisticated, thoughtful, comfortable and personal, and we want to help you do it. We're also going to make it fun (along the way and during the party!). We're all about walking you through the planning process without giving you a part-time job. Let's make it happen together.

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Allison with Davis Row took our hand early on in our planning process and led us through a hectic and unpredictable process with calm and collected ease and was a welcome new energy and weather vain for us while she made this thing happen for us. She took our seed of an idea and helped us crystallize and execute our vision in a way that was unforgettable. When we first got in touch with her about our evening, we were unsure of even the type of venue we should aim for. She took the lead on this and clearly presented us an array of options with the relevant specs for each - giving us these varied options without overwhelming us. She handled all the "business" of it all, allowing us to just enjoy ourselves. My absolute favorite contribution of hers was this: my wife and I are not big on sweets, so we weren't particularly interested in the tradition of having cake. But, we weren't opposed to the idea of SOMETHING to take that tradition's place. So, Allison, having listened to us and learned what we liked, took it upon herself to present us with a cheese plate instead of a cake - an idea so great we were slackjawed. This all brings me to this: Allison helped us create a night we will always remember. She did so by being creative, communicative, flexible, collaborative and above all else, a friend to us while we worked on this project of a party. We couldn't have done it without her and I'd recommend no one else should either. Thanks, Allison!

Allison is a GEM! We were doing mostly okay with our planning basics, but had hit wall and needed help with finalizing our schedule. Allison heard us out like a PRO, writing down everything we said and suggesting the final details we hadn't yet thought of. Within a day, she had turned all her notes about what we needed to do not just the schedule, but also a personalized to-do list and contact sheet. I would have lost my mind (and had way more arguments with loved ones) without her. She's wonderful to be around and she knows everything you don't even KNOW you don't know.

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