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Don't have an average event...lets create an extraordinary experience!

Unique and creative full and partial planning services and consulting sessions. Packages can be built based on your needs. Don't have an average event. A once in a lifetime event deserves a once in a lifetime experience! Serving the Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas.

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We hired Sarah for as a Day of Coordinator. Overall we did not feel the money we paid for Sarah’s assistance was well spent and if we had the change to do it over we would not hire her again. We didn’t feel Sarah was very hard working or enjoyable to work with. When we made her aware of our concerns I can only describe her response as toxic.
Timeline was useful
Very helpful to not have to set up the tables
Several good vendor recommendations
Cons Contract Fulfillment:
Contact allowed 3 meetings. Sarah made no attempts to schedule any meeting, we meet once after initial meeting and that was initiated by me.
Contract stated would pack up gifts, in our case just carry them in the house. She did not do this.
The set up outline she sent called for disposable cups on the table, she did not set them out. Also did not alert anyone of the bridal party that caterer did not bring coffee for the table called the coffee table.
She did not set up the kids table a bridesmaid had to.
No Champagne was poured at hosts table at time of the toast
Asked her if would bring the music to the rehearsal, she said yes. She did not bring the music and later claimed she misunderstood my email asking the very direct question.
Vendor contact was supposed to be her responsibility two weeks prior to the wedding, though much of that responsibly was handled by me and my parents. When I spoke to DJ two days from before he had never even heard from her, she was supposed to contact all vendors and provide the timeline, clearly never confirmed with anyone if they received her email etc.
Contract stated suppose to provide remaining vendor balances, she was not going to do so until I asked her to, also did not provide all the vendor balances even then.
Said would provide information on how to change your name, never did.
Stated would send monthly check-in emails, this last for only a few months.
Cons Demeanor and Professionalism:
Frequently had to send an email numerous times to get a response, and the response would often be gruff
Lacked a can do attitude, was reluctant to help work i.e. move chairs etc.
Set up tables guest without any input from me as to how I would like them to look.
She left our seating chart (that was completed several days earlier) out so it was damaged by rain, so day of had to be redone while I was off site and could not see it before the reception. A guest was left off the chart and a guest I had asked be removed was not.
Prior to ceremony even though we were on schedule asked the groom and father of the bride frequently about a final decision as to if moving ceremony due to rain so her vendor contact / future employer could make sure he could leave on time which made a high pressure situation worse.
Had a negative and combative tone, received feedback from several of my bridesmaids and family that she was rude to them. E.G. Matron of honor addressed the fact there was not enough seats at the head table, instead of being helpful and resolving the issue told my friend “well there isn’t enough plates what you want me to do about it” another e.g. snapped to group while walking off “I just need a cigarette”. My maid of honor when I asked for her feedback said she was just all around unpleasant to everyone.
Very frequent smoke breaks, every time I would look for Sarah she was off smoking, she also did not smoke in the designed smoking area, which was very disrespectful.

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