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With a dedicated team of professionals at your service, planning your luxurious, beachside wedding is easy with Botanica Weddings. Creating an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience for your big day is their passion, and they can tailor their array of exquisite options to suit your unique needs. Botanica Weddings are the A to Z of destination wedding planning and organising everything you need and giving you and your guests a lifetime of memories . With a stunning flagship location in the Whitsundays and access to some of the most beautiful spots in Bali; Botanica Weddings can curate the resort-style wedding you have only dreamed about. The passionate planners are based in both Australia and Bali, so you have access to an on-the-ground coordination team ensuring everything is perfect in the lead-up to your big day. Take the stress out of planning your dream wedding and get married in paradise with Botanica Weddings.

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We had a nightmare with botanica weddings and would like to share our experience with you so that you can make the right choice.

This company was a huge disappointment and has taken no liability.
We are extremely unsatisfied with the service received. We had been sold a service that we did not received and feel as though the company had breached the contract that we have agreed upon.
The issues in had incurred from the first contact with the company which was the sales consultant Craig. We was mislead on several costing of items for the wedding. He had sold us a perfect service which soon straight after that we certainly didn’t get.

Please see the below:
He advised that the company has done legal muslim ceremonies in Bali - Later we was told that this is the first ever legal ceremony they are doing and that we are the first couple to have it done. This certainly caused uncertainty and anxiety as me and my wife are from 2 different counties and Craig was aware of this as well.

The issues we had were:
Advised that flowers for the bridesmaids where included - which wasn’t and we had to pay extra

Poppy portal wouldn’t show what we had saved and we had to constantly look at it and make amendments as our selections kept disappearing.

They served us the wrong food . By doing this they shamed our family and embarrassed us. Our dinner for the wedding day was all wrong we didn’t select bacon on chicken as a meal but they served us that as we do not eat PORK and the company should have picked this us baring in mind we had a Muslim legal ceremony. Errors like this happen but what this company chose to do was peal off the pork from the chicken and still serve it to our guess. Our guess could still smell the pork and some still had prices of pork in their meal. To serve a Muslim wedding Pork is an absolute disgrace and the company should be shamed for this ! Its against our religion and we was insulted that the staff said we selected it when we clearly didn’t , and the poppy system didn’t capture the correct information. On the day we asked them to completely throw that dish in the bin and serve the food again without pork. They assured us they will cook a new batch for us. They assured us that this was done, but in fact it wasn't, The chicken smelt like Pork and on one dish there was still some bacon on the plate, so what the company essentially did was remove the bacon off the chicken by hand and serve it. This is disgraceful especially as the company blamed us.

The music was also wrong, they played songs we never requested such as Spice Girls and Maccarina song. The music was all wrong and certainly added to the even being ruined.

One of the companies recommended photographers that we selected (Martin), we were also extremely unsatisfied with the service we received. During the family and friends professional photos with the bride and groom, these photos were ruined. Martin made us look at the Camera above rather than the camera below. The camera below now appears to be the photos he has sent us. We was made to look at the camera above and yet the photos we have been supplied with is the camera that was taking pictures below and therefore none of our photos have our guests and us looking at the right camera and therefore the pictures look rubbish as we are all looking away.

This has been a complete disaster from the beginning, we have had so many issues with Botanica Weddings company. We signed a contract for a service that we most certainly did not receive.

I feel it’s only fair people should be made aware of this as this is a big error and the company has taken no responsibility and became extremely defensive when we challenged the CEO Tom on all the above. He was very unprofessional and took no liability or attempt to rectify the issue. Our wedding day was ruined by this company and would not recommend them to anyone. The only person who was great was Winar she was great to us and very professional.

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