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Björn & Company is an award winning event & wedding planning firm in New York creating a unique, one of a kind event experience for you and your guests. As a full service boutique Event and Wedding Planning Firm, we plan, manage, and execute quality events throughout the Tri-State area that are guaranteed to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable and unique experience. With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we help you find unique venues, the latest in catering and trends that will elevate your event to the next level. We are dedicated to helping you create a one of a kind event that is uniquely yours. Taking your vision and expectations and turn it into a spectacular experience. Björn is passionate about planning and ensures your event deserves the utmost attention to detail no matter the scope and size.

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I found this vendor at a wedding showcase and was very impressed by the table he had set up! It was elegant, simple, classy. All things I envisioned my wedding to be. Then when he spoke to us he had so much energy! I called him a few months later +chatted with him on the phone. He was funny+ gave me the run down on all the details of what he does for the wedding. I ended up signing a contract for a full service wedding planner. Full service was every little detail from budget development, negotiations with vendors, decorations, appointments with the bride, etc. The first red flag was when he sent over a contract that he did not proof read. The contract he sent us had copied and pasted parts from a different contract that did not apply to our situation and did not make sense. We figured it was a simple error and let him know. He then sent a new contract that we signed. After about a month of working with Bjorn, my fiancé and I saw things slowly slip through the cracks. He had lots of great suggestions + ideas but always had an issue following up on them. The contract stated he would give a list of vendors but often he would suggest one vendor (his favorite or whomever was easiest to contact) and expect us to just sign with that vendor. He said he would work on hotel room blocks but after a month of working on this he was only able to come up with 1 hotel in the area. When I asked why there weren’t others he said they were booked. I ended up calling hotels in the area and found 3 more hotels for a better rate. In helping plan our engagement party, He suggested that his assistant Amanda take pictures during the party. A week after the party, Bjorn stated he needed to edit the photos and stated they would be done by the end of 'next week' which turned into the end of the month, which turned into over a month of waiting for the photos he said he wanted to "edit". After waiting over a month for the photos (and having to continuously reach out about them), we looked at the photos-there were 38 photos- and saw that he did not edit the pictures but rather just put his company logo at the bottom. He also purchased lots of materials for the engagement party but did not provide receipts (which it does state in his contract that he will provide receipts). We asked three times for the receipts and finally he emailed most of them to us a month after the party but stated that he "can't find the receipt for the greenery". He ended up having to give us back the money for some of the items he purchased because he could not find the receipts for them.Björn did not attend any appointments with me and forgot about a wedding dress appointment. He asked me about it afterwards in passing on a planning phone call. My fiancé and I would spend over an hour on the phone and feel as if nothing got accomplished. He would talk about his other clients and how much other clients wanted to use him but somehow found it hard to focus on my fiancé and I as the client. After 4 of these hour long calls, my fiancé and I dreaded talking on the phone with him because it became such a time waster. My fiancé asked to not be on any of the calls anymore due to him constantly calling when he was on the subway with a lot of background noise. We sent Björn an email asking that he call us next time whenever he is in a quiet place, he said no problem at all! He picked the time for the next call and ...Björn called us while he was on the Subway again. This then made our decision to end our contract with Bjorn--forfeiting our $2,000 deposit. With a heavy heart we wrote him an email asking to cancel the contract and send back the items we purchased for the engagement party that he still had. He sent back the items but more than half of them were shattered and broken. I would really recommend doing your research before signing with Björn. Other reviews say he’s a great day of coordinator-that sounds like what he’s better at. Full service planning is not. There are many things that won't fit in this review. No bride should have to go through what I went through with Bjorn.

Bjorn and his team were amazing when it came to our big day. We decided very last minute to hire a coordinator and he executed every detail flawlessly even though we only spoke briefly about the evening a few times before the day itself. I felt completely at ease to enjoy myself on our wedding night because I knew that Bjorn could handle anything that came up! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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Today's wedding planner interview is with Björn of Björn & Company based in New York, NY! Enjoy: Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. My name is Björn VW, CEO and Executive Planner of Björn & Company. Björn & Company offers comprehensive, cutting edge wedding planning services throughout New York City and Greater New York. We pride ourselves on simple, elegant weddings and deliver a stellar experience to our clients.