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‘A flower in a vase, a vase on a table, a table in a room, a room in an environment.’ This sentiment evokes the nature of design and planning as being equal parts granular and grandiose. Bella & Co. is quite simply the merging of two sides to one story; strategic logistics coupled with creative soul. With this in mind, we invite you to explore our many themed galleries, peruse our collection of objects available for purchase, or better yet visit our exquisite boutique and design studio. It is our sincere hope that Bella & Co. may serve as a source of inspiration for setting your Holiday table, planning a scene-stealing entrance, or better yet be your destination for full service Event Planning and Design.

An event is literally defined as “an object in time.” An Event with a capital ‘E’, however, is something altogether different. Be it a Wedding or Gala, intimate or vast, an Event is the ultimate collision of themes that truly personify the human experience; love and union, the celebration of milestones, meals shared, and memories made. At Bella and Co., we sincerely relish in the opportunity to act as a conduit of your particular desire to share in these themes. We will see to it that the effort extended behind the scenes to create a seamless day and effortless evening, is partner to an even more illustrative design execution. At Bella, we set a scene that cannot be ignored.

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