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Andrea Green Events & Design, LLC., formerly known as A&H Events is a full service event planning and design firm. We help to plan all of life’s events! If it’s planning your wedding, birthday party or corporate event, we can make it easy for you. Since 2005, we are proud to be able to provide innovative ideas and unparalled service. We strive to exceed all of your expectations. We look forward to helping you create a wonderful event!

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June 2, 2018 at The Sunset Room By Wolfgang Puck. My wife and I planned our entire wedding, the vision was laid out, all AGED had to do was follow the blueprint and she failed miserably on our wedding day as well as once she was completely paid. AGED, did not support our vision, when we refused her recommendations she always allowed her feelings to get in the way. Her recommendations were always based on what her previous clients did or vendors they used. Andrea clearly didn’t understand the type of clients we were. We hire her as a day of wedding coordinator, she choose to jump in early this was not at our request. The key concept here is to know your clients. Below are the facts.
• Usage of foul language in an email that included our venue event staff. Andrea was also very contentious and combative during a timeline meeting which included our venue staff about using our detailed timeline, this showed on our wedding day. Uncooperative, confrontational regarding which staff would be responsible for what duties on our wedding day. Andrea definitely has a control issue, after all we were paying her for a service and needed to know who would be responsible for what. She sent us a long email explaining to us how she has never been asked those types of question, yet again she didn’t understand her clients.
• Had to have several meeting, phone calls regarding the details of our wedding day and AGED still did not have everything documented correctly.
• Subsequent to the email where Andrea used foul language – in a meeting with our venue staff to review the event timeline Andre showed up with her assistant Renita who never looked up from her cell phone the whole meeting. We asked that she be replaced. It took 2-3 weeks for AGED to find another assistant – she indicated when we contracted with her that she had a team. When she found someone we asked for a meeting. Two out of the 3 times proposed her assistant wasn’t available. On the third time, she we scheduled a meeting to which she was 45 minutes late for and blamed traffic. She was not a trained event planner – but said she had been “doing weddings” for a few years.
• When Andrea got paid – She had to prod her to respond to emails and there was a lag time between her replies.
• AGED discussed the abilities and financial abilities of other clients, stating "they were trying to plan a wedding that was above their financial ability". This wasn’t our business and sent a red flag that she would likely not keep our confidences.

• We brought everything for our wedding day to the venue early in the AM on Friday June1st.
• During the rehearsal we communicated to Andrea that the chairs were not set up properly to have Aisles near the window in order to have the guest walk away from the middle Aisle which was supposed to be roped off. This would also allow the videographers and camera crews access away from the middle Aisle. None of this was done.
• After our 5p.m. rehearsal we tried to show AGED where everything was located in our boxes which were documented however she did not want us to show her. She said she had everything under control. AGED did not begin setup on Friday.

• AGED, did not have an adequate staff to handle our wedding size of about 210 ceremony guest and 175 reception guest. AGED included Andrea and one other helper.
• AGED did not set up an important part for our ceremony, this was symbolic. A message in a bottle and our wedding invitation were not present during our message in a bottle portion of our ceremony, AGED did not set them up.
• AGED according to the four ushers did not receive any instructions regarding their duties for the ceremony. There were two empty rows pushed together on the grooms side where the family should have been seated.
• AGED, did not rope off the middle aisle which we had agreed to during several meetings which caused our wedding to begin late because guest knocked over vases that were filled with water and candles.
• AGED, promised us the usage of 16 vases for our ceremony, and we bought 4 more from our flower designer. In the photos from our photographer there were only 8 vases set up when there was supposed to have been 20. Because some broke AGED only gave us back 1 of the four. We are unsure what happened to 12 we were promised for the ceremony.
• AGED had the flower girls come down the aisle too early, there were supposed to come right before the bride instead they threw flowers before the brides spouse came down the aisle.
• AGED, did not decorate our bridal suite.
• AGED did not give our vendors the parking vouchers we paid for, our venue confirmed they gave AGED six, only two vendors to include herself and a photographer were given one, we are still missing money from the four vouchers we paid for, she refused to account for them and we have not received a refund.
• Andrea sent a text the day of the weeding asking if the favors should be placed on the tables, this had been discussed in several meetings.
• Many of our guest expressed Andrea was rude.
• We gave specific instructions that elderly guest as well as those who were on walkers, should not have to wait in lines but to allow them inside the venue this was not done. Andrea told my wife’s 92 year old Aunt that she would have to wait in the car before entering the venue for the ceremony.
• Andre, came into the bathroom where I was changing for the ceremony to inform me she was going to throw my brother out, I immediately told her she was going to do no such thing. We hired a security team for any issues they may have arisen, instead of using the resources provided to Andrea she decided to tell me what she was going to do.
• Andre of AGED clearly had a control issue, she also took everything personal.
• Bridesmaids bouquets were not placed round the sweetheart table in vases. This had been discussed and documented throughout our planning sessions.
• Sprinkles were never opened and sprinkled on each table as discussed and documented throughout our planning sessions.
• Photobooth was never announced to our guest. It was AGED responsibility to make sure upon completed setup of the photobooth that it be announced via the DJ which was AGED responsibility to inform him. The owner and operator of the photobooth informed us that Andrea would not allow her to let the DJ know the photobooth was ready.
• Photobooth owner and operator informed us that Andrea was very rude, combative and uncooperative with her. She informed us that Andrea would not allow her to see the setup space when she arrived, she also informed us that she set up 1 hour and a half after the time she was supposed to set up causing us to loose1 hour and 5 minutes of booth rental time and financially losing $100.

• All table linens were thrown in a trash bag instead of folded in the boxes we sent.
• Andrea, deleted all of our guest personal information as well as our designs from Aisle planner, an organizing website she provided to us during our planning.
• We reached out to Andrea three times once we arrived home from our honeymoon, considering she sent us a long email while on our honeymoon to discuss her email, she never responded to our request to discuss her email or our inquiry regarding all of our information which was deleted in Aisle planner.
• Andrea finally responded ONLY because I reached out to Aisle planner to inform them she had been NON-RESPONSIVE to our request to retriever our guest personal information which had been documented through her portal of Aisle planner.
• Andrea had no desire for feedback or an exit interview.

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