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  • Does WeddingPlannerLove screen applicants?

    We do, but very gently. We want to make sure that accounts are visually interesting, basic standards of photography, a good grasp of english, and generally fit in with the feel of WeddingPlannerLove. Of course, all applicants that are denied will be notified as to why and will be allowed to fix the problems with their account.

  • Does WeddingPlannerLove take any referral fees?

    No, never! We just want to send you more traffic and customers — we don't want to be a middleman.

  • What's appropriate for a portfolio image?

    It's extremely important to us to have beautiful, high quality designers on our website, and no where is this more indicative than your portfolio image. We require portfolio images to be at least 600 pixels wide, and ideally 700px wide to fit full width in our profile pages. We encourage professional photography of finished pieces, but artfully arranged comps can work well. We do not accept plain PSD comps — you're showing your work off to potential clients, so please display something nice!

    All profiles are reviewed before approval and we reserve the right not to approve any profile that doesn't fit well with the site. If inappropriate images are uploaded after account approval, we reseve the right to disable the account until appropriate images are replaced. Profiles of the highest quality are important to us, and any wedding couple out there looking for their perfect designer!

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